CabooseMiller101 is a speedrunner from the United States who has competed in only one tournament, I'm A Speedrunner 1. He joined I'm A Speedrunner 2 and I'm A Speedrunner 3, but dropped out of both tournaments.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 1Edit

Caboose was drawn in Group B along with Mr100PercentGamer, HydraVipa, LukeRF44 and Cr4shJuh1s.

His race with LukeRF44 in Spyro 1 was ill-prepared, as he continuously doubted the route he was taking. Luke remarked on one of his choices saying "Oh my days, you picked Toasty? Oh my days!".

The other race with Mr100PercentGamer was also Spyro 1 with everyone being difficult to hear except Caboose's opponent. The commentary was dominant with Mr100PercentGamer's consistent counting on the number of dragons he rescued serving as a countdown to Caboose's demise.

He never faced Cr4shJuh1s, HydraVipa, or his replacement AntarticSpyro. Due to him losing both his matches with the competitors he went up against, he was duly eliminated from I'm A Speedrunner 1.


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Outcome
IAS 1 2 0 2 Group Stage
Total 2 0 2