Cr4shJuh1s, better known as simply Juhis, came second to LukeRF44 in the original I'm A Speedrunner tournament and was expected to perform well in IAS 2 but was forced to pull out after the group stage due to problems with his teeth, and never returned. He was also the first person from Finland to compete in an IAS tournament.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 1Edit

In the first IAS tournament Juhis was drawn in Group B, along with eventual winner LukeRF44, Mr100PercentGamerCabooseMiller101 and HydraVipa (later replaced by AntarticSpyro). Juhis did a match with Mr100P in Spyro 1 to reach Peace Keepers and with Luke in a race to 500 gems in Spyro 3. Both of his matches were victories. He never raced Caboose, but his two wins were enough to finish second in the group and reach Round 2.

In Round 2, Juhis was in Group Y against Mr100PercentGamer (again) and Iilovemadnesscombat. Juhis came second in a Spyro 3 race to 100% Spooky Swamp. He advanced to the Quarter-Final.

In the Quarter-Final, Juhis faced and beat CrashBandiSpyro12, in a race to 40 eggs in Spyro 3, although the match is now missing, since it was deleted off the channel.

In the Semi-Final, Juhis once again faced ilovemadnesscombat in a race to Evening Lake in Spyro 3 and won.

In the Grand Final, Juhis was against LukeRF44 in a Spyro 1 race to beat Gnasty Gnorc. Juhis was a long way behind when he encountered a glitch which prevented him from finishing the speedrun, and came 2nd in the tournament.

Participation in I'm A Speedrunner 2Edit

Juhis joined I'm A Speedrunner 2 and was matched up against Ratchet5 , Random8127, and TheSaggers1997. He raced Ratchet5 in a race to beat Papu Papu in Crash Bash, Random8127 in another Crash Bash race, this time to 3 trophies and TheSaggers1997 in a Crash 2 race to beat Ripper Roo, although Saggers didn't even send his footage.

Initially in Round 2 Juhis would have faced TealGameMaster, but Juhis had troubles with his teeth, thus dropping out and never returned to IAS.


Tournament Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Outcome
IAS 1 6 4 2 Silver
IAS 2 3 3 0 Quarter-Final
(Dropped Out)
Total 9 7 2