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Hackers was a parody song performed by TheMachineKing about the events of the hacking of the IASG8 channel. It was a parody of Weebl's 'Donkeys'. The parody is now unfortunately lost after the BandicootBrony channel was closed in 2017.


?? Finally coming to be
I wanna know who it is

Who on Earth would blow the lid
Someone went and deleted all the rounds
And everyone's screaming out loud:

"Who did what?"
The blaming goes around
"Go to YouTube and see what I found.
No videos on I'm A Speedrunner account!
Did you give out the password?
Did you keep that password a secret?!"

"Did you hear me? It's over!
Did you back it up, Ratchet?"

?? and a pile of pies