I'm A Speedrunner 8 was the eighth tournament held within the I'm A Speedrunner series.

After I'm A Speedrunner 7 in mid 2012, Ratchet5 was upset with the non-seriousness revolving around the speedrunning tournaments as well as the large amounts of 'me too' tournaments being created and the general split of people in the 'speedrunning community'. Due to this as well as personal issues, he didn't want to host a tournament at the end of 2012.

In April 2013, CrashBandiSpyro12 returned despite a self-declared departure from the community and expressed interest in another speedrunning tournament. He uploaded, on April 25, 2013, a video asking people what game they wanted to see for I'm A Speedrunner 8. Spyro and Crash were excluded given the number of times it had been chosen for past tournaments.

In the month after the video was uploaded, there was discussion on who would be hosting the tournament. Neither CrashBandiSpyro12 or Ratchet5 wanted to host the tournament. On May 27th 2013, Nintendogen64 uploaded a video announcing that he would be hosting the tournament along with CrystalFissure with TheAFH013 co-hosting. He announced that Gex received the most votes (12), followed by Croc (10), and a tie between Sonic and Mario (9).

The 8th I'm A Speedrunner tournament began on June 6th, 2013 soon after the Round 1 Draw video was uploaded instead of the proposed date of July 1st, 2013.

The tournament included 32 people and saw 4 out of the 5 finalists from IAS7 back in the competition. Originally MrGamesendy was also set to return to the IAS8 tournament, but was kicked out at some point, while the other IAS finalists from IAS7 (CrystalFissure, Zaydskate, Ratchet5 & MuddyMaestro) all returned as well, and did all their matches in Round 1, none of them were eliminated in the Group stage.

Im A Speedrunner 8 also spawned the largest Im A Speedrunner controversy to date, the appropriately named IAS8 Controversy. In this controversy, the long running host of all previous tournaments, quit the tournament due to disagreements with the current hosts.

Competitors in this tournament came, as always, from all over the world. This time, participants came from countries such as: Australia (10), USA (7), Canada (1), United Kingdom (7), Ireland (2), Israel (1), Latvia (1), Estonia (1) & Denmark (2)

Special RulesEdit

The competitors were required to be able to play Gex 2.

To learn more about the general rules, see the pages on Multi-Single SpeedrunChitchingRandomization, and Void

Participating PlayersEdit

(Alphabetical order)
Previous Best
UK Bionicle2809 6th IAS 6 Knockout Stage 1
IL CrashBandiSpyro12 6th IAS 5 1st Place 1
AU CrystalFissure 7th IAS 7 1st Place 6
US DessertMonkeyJK 5th IAS 7 Quarter-Final 2
US DigitalMasterpieces 1st Debut None 1
DK Heydavid17 1st Debut None 1
UK KingEurope1 8th IAS 7 Quarter-Final 8
UK LukeRF44 6th IAS 6 1st Place 1
UK LyleBandicoot93 2nd IAS 7 Group Stage 2
AU Michael 1st Debut None 1
US Mowmowclub2 5th IAS 6 Quarter-Final 1
IE MrEddy1667ful 1st Debut None 1
AU MrFraserFilms2009 7th IAS 7 Group Stage 6
CA MuddyMaestro 3rd IAS 7 4th Place 3
AU Nintendogen64 6th IAS 7 Semi-Final 6
UK Oryps100 2nd IAS 7 Group Stage 2
EE Playsihull 2nd IAS 7 Knockout Stage 2
AU Ratchet5 8th IAS 7 2nd Place 8
US Rickyman48 1st Debut None 1
LV ShoReWol 1st Debut None 1
AU Slodgeball 4th IAS 7 Quarter-Final 4
AU Spikestuff95 4th IAS 7 Quarter-Final 4
AU Th3AustralianGam3r 1st Debut None 1
IE TheAFH013 5th IAS 7 2nd Place 4
DK TheDANISHdynamite 2nd IAS 6 Knockout Stage 1
AU TheMachineKing 4th IAS 6 Knockout Stage 1
US ThePlatformKing 3rd IAS 6 Group Stage 1
AU TheStickKid 5th IAS 7 Quarter-Final 2
UK TheSubpixel 1st Debut None 1
US VideoGameRules645 4th IAS 7 Knockout Stage 4
US Yogamoanyo 5th IAS 6 Semi-Final 1
UK Zaydskate 3rd IAS 7 2nd Place 3

Round 1 (Groups)Edit

32 Confirmed

1 of the hosts (CrystalFissure), who confirms the 32 participants

The Groups were composed of 4 competitors in each Group competing, with a total of 8 Groups (4*8=32).
IAS8 Channel "Hacked" Compromised! GET THE CLAWS OUT!

IAS8 Channel "Hacked" Compromised! GET THE CLAWS OUT!

About the hacking problem

Seeding for Round 1 was skipped, and the Draw was held with no further waiting.

Channel HackedEdit

On June 19th 2013, and incident occurred on the tournament channel, resulting in every speedrun uploaded on the channel by the time, getting removed from the channel. The problem had no consequences for matches that were already uploaded as DessertMonkeyJK has been keeping a backup of all the videos in case something bad would happen similar to what occurred with I'm A Newb Runner.

Rickyman48 confirmed that he was the culprit.

Group AEdit

User P W L Points
TheSubpixel 3 (4) 3 0 (1) 15 (17)
ShoReWol 3 2 1 12
Yogamoanyo 3 1 2 9
Bionicle2809 3 0 3 6
MrEddy1667ful (Replaced)* 0 (1) 0 (1) 0 0 (5)
SGkieran (Quit) 0 0 0 0

* MrEddy1667ful would later return as a replacement in Group H.

Player 1 vs. Player 2
TheSubpixel Video Yogamoanyo
Bionicle2809 Video ShoReWol
TheSubpixel Video Bionicle2809
ShoReWol Video Yogamoanyo
Yogamoanyo Video Bionicle2809
ShoReWol Video TheSubpixel
TheSubpixel Void MrEddy1667ful

TheSubpixel & ShoReWol have qualified for Round 2.

Group BEdit

User P W L Points
Heydavid17 3 3 0 15
TheAFH013 3 2 1 12
Oryps100 3 1 2 9
theDANISHdynamite 3 0 3 6
Player 1 vs. Player 2
TheAFH013 Video Oryps100
theDANISHdynamite Video Heydavid17
Heydavid17 Video TheAFH013
Oryps100 Video theDANISHdynamite
theDANISHdynamite Video TheAFH013
Heydavid17 Video Oryps100

Heydavid17 & TheAFH013 have qualified for Round 2.

Group CEdit

User P W L Points
LukeRF44 3 3 0 15
DigitalMasterpieces 3 2 1 12
Spikestuff95 3 1 2 9
Playsihull 3 0 3 6
ComicMischief100 (Dropped out) 0 0 0 0
Player 1 vs. Player 2
DigitalMasterpieces Video Playsihull
LukeRF44 Video Spikestuff95
LukeRF44 Video DigitalMasterpieces
Playsihull Video Spikestuff95
LukeRF44 Video Playsihull
Spikestuff95 Video DigitalMasterpieces

LukeRF44 & DigitalMasterpieces have qualified for Round 2.

Group DEdit

User P W L Points
Nintendogen64 3 3 0 15
Zaydskate 3 2 1 12
TheStickKid 3 1 2 9
Slodgeball 3 0 3 6
Player 1 vs. Player 2
Nintendogen64 Video Zaydskate
Slodgeball Video TheStickKid
TheStickKid Video Nintendogen64
Zaydskate Video Slodgeball
Slodgeball Video Nintendogen64
TheStickKid Video Zaydskate

Nintendogen64 & Zaydskate have qualified for Round 2.

Group EEdit

User P W L Points
LyleBandicoot93 3 2 1 12
MuddyMaestro 3 2 1 12
DessertMonkeyJK 3 2 1 12
VideoGameRules645 3 0 3 6
BearManiac96 (Replaced) 0 0 0 0
Player 1 vs. Player 2
LyleBandicoot93 Video MuddyMaestro
VideoGameRules645 Video DessertMonkeyJK
LyleBandicoot93 Video DessertMonkeyJK
VideoGameRules645 Video MuddyMaestro
DessertMonkeyJK Video MuddyMaestro
LyleBandicoot93 Video VideoGameRules645

Group E - Triple ThreatEdit

MuddyMaestro, DessertMonkeyJK & LyleBandicoot93 all ended on the same amount of points (12 points) when all the matches were done, resulting in a tie between all 3 players. Only 2 of them will qualify to Round 2, which means that the 2 people who finish the goal first will qualify. The winner of the Triple Threat Match, will be placed as the winner of the Group, while the person ending second will end on 2nd place.

Group E Triple Threat Match
1st LyleBandicoot93
2nd MuddyMaestro
3rd DessertMonkeyJK

LyleBandicoot93 and MuddyMaestro have qualified for Round 2.

Group FEdit

User P W L Points
Ratchet5 3 3 0 15
Rickyman48 3 2 1 12
Th3AustralianGam3r 3 1 2 9
MrFraserFilms2009 3 0 3 6
Player 1 vs. Player 2
Ratchet5 Video Th3AustralianGam3r
MrFraserFilms2009 Video Rickyman48
Ratchet5 Video MrFraserFilms2009
Ratchet5 Video Rickyman48
MrFraserFilms2009 Video The3AustralianGam3r
Rickyman48 Video Th3AustralianGam3r

Ratchet5Rickyman48 have qualified for Round 2.

Group GEdit

User P W L Points
KingEurope1 3 3 0 15
ThePlatformKing 3 2 1 12
TheMachineKing 2 0 2 4
Michael 2 0 2 4
Spikestuff95 (Dropped Out*) 0 0 0 0

*Spikestuff95 would later return as a replacement in Group C.

Player 1 vs. Player 2
TheMachineKing Video KingEurope1
ThePlatformKing No Video Michael
ThePlatformKing Video TheMachineKing
Michael Video KingEurope1
Michael Mock Speedrun TheMachineKing
ThePlatformKing Video KingEurope1

KingEurope1 & ThePlatformKing have qualified for Round 2.

Group HEdit

User P W L Points
CrystalFissure 3 2 1 12
CrashBandiSpyro12 3 2 1 12
MrEddy1667ful 3 2 1 12
MowMowClub2 3 0 3 6
MrGamesendy (Replaced) 0 0 0 0
Player 1 vs. Player 2
CrashBandiSpyro12 Video CrystalFissure
MrEddy1667ful Video MowMowClub2
CrystalFissure Video MrEddy1667ful
MowMowClub2 Video CrashBandiSpyro12
CrashBandiSpyro12 Video MrEddy1667ful
CrystalFissure Video MowMowClub2

Group H - Triple ThreatEdit

MrEddy1667ful, CrystalFissure & CrashBandiSpyro12 all ended on the same amount of points (12 points) when all the matches were done, resulting in a tie between all 3 players. Only 2 of them will qualify to Round 2, which means that the 2 people who finish the goal first will qualify. The winner of the Triple Threat Match, will be placed as the winner of the Group, while the person ending second will end on 2nd place.

Group H Triple Threat Match
1st CrystalFissure
2nd CrashBandiSpyro12
3rd MrEddy1667ful

CrystalFissure and CrashBandiSpyro12 have qualified for Round 2.

Round 2 (Knockout Stage)Edit

Round 2 is a knockout stage or the Round of 16, starting after Round 1 has concluded. Round 2 started after the majority of the matches had been done and the deadline had passed. Only 16 out of 32 people will qualify for Round 2. The people who qualify were the top 2 in their respective Groups.

People who earned the most points in their Groups will be seeded, meaning the winners will face the runner-ups from other Groups.

  • People who finished 1st in the Group stage can't face each other in Round 2.
  • People who finished 2nd in the Group stage can't face each other in Round 2.
  • People who were in the same Group in Round 1 can't face each other in Round 2.

Qualified People:

Group Winners Runner-Ups
A TheSubpixel ShoReWol
B Heydavid17 TheAFH013
C LukeRF44 DigitalMasterpieces
D Nintendogen64 Zaydskate
E LyleBandicoot93 MuddyMaestro
F Ratchet5 Rickyman48
G KingEurope1 ThePlatformKing
H CrystalFissure CrashBandiSpyro12


Player 1 Vs. Player 2
KingEurope1 Video CrashBandiSpyro12
Ratchet5 Video DigitalMasterpieces
LyleBandicoot93 Video TheAFH013
TheSubpixel Video Rickyman48
Heydavid17 Video ThePlatformKing
LukeRF44 Video ShoReWol
Nintendogen64 Video MuddyMaestro
CrystalFissure Video Zaydskate

KingEurope1 vs. CrashBandiSpyro12Edit

This match would truly end up to be something different, with having both players disagree on what the race should be, a randomisation was made, which resulted in a speedrun in Gex 3, but the gameboy version of the game. With none of the players having any knowledge about the game, the goal would be to get only 1 remote from the first level. An very simple task, yet it showed to be very confusing, since none of the players seemed to know where the 5 ice sculptures were located. In a very confusing speedrun, CrashBandiSpyro12 managed to win the short speedrun, which only lasted for about 4½ minutes, even though it was KingEurope1's suggestion to the randomisation for the speedrun. KingEurope1 did not wish to finish the speedrun.

Ratchet5 vs. DigitalMasterpiecesEdit

This was the first match to be uploaded for Round 2, and already had some technical problems, including DigitalMasterpieces recording the Skype call screen instead of game footage. The race was in Gex 2 to get the 2 red remotes in the level "The Umpire Strikes Out". The speedrun lasted for around 30 minutes, with Ratchet5 finishing the run, a couple of seconds after DigitalMasterpieces entered the level for the first time, resulting in a yet close but sure win for Ratchet5. DigitalMasterpieces did not finish his run despite being close to finishing and ended up stopping after the results were clear.

LyleBandicoot93 vs. TheAFH013Edit

FIRST RUN: Another rivalry would appear in the quarter-finals, this time being a local rivelry with TheAFH013 facing LyleBandicoot93, which meant it would be a fight for the Irish(Ireland vs. Northern Ireland). The race would be another Gex 2 race, to be added to the rest. The goal would be a race to get 8 red remotes, 3 hidden remotes and defeat the dragon in "Mao Tse Tongue", this would mean that the players needed those 11 remotes, before killing the dragon. Both players started with 0 remotes, and in the level "Out Of Toon", due to huge mistakes by LyleBandicoot93, TheAFH013 could gain a lot of time, after failing to do some shortcuts. Even TheAFH013 didn't managed to do some of the shortcuts, but due to some big mistakes by LyleBandicoot93, TheAFH013 did gain a big advantage. TheAFH013 began to fail as well in "Frankensteinfeld" which could give LyleBandicoot93 a small chance of getting closer, but even LyleBandicoot93 was as well as unlucky. TheAFH013 won by a good amount of time. Apparently, a small mistake was made as well in the speedrun, which was by TheAFH013, the race was to get 8 red remotes, which he did and 3 hidden remotes, which he did NOT complete. TheAFH013 only got 2 hidden remotes, from the first 2 levels, which means that LyleBandicoot93 could demand a rematch.

SECOND RUN: It was fast informed, that a re-match would be done, the match would be with the same goal as the first run. This time the run was completed the right way, with the same result as in the first run. TheAFH013 once again won, but this time the run was a little closer, yet it was still a sure win for TheAFH013, by a confident distance.

TheSubpixel vs. Rickyman48Edit

In this match, the speedrun would be another speedrun of Gex 2. The goal was to get all the red remotes in the Second section of levels, and the hidden silver remotes in the 3 levels, and as well beating the boss. Both players started with exactly the same statistics(lives and remotes) in the second section. Both players started with the second Screm TV level, but very fast in the speedrun, it was clearly who would win. RickyMan48 did get very frustrated with the game very early in the speedrun, while TheSubpixel was having some few lagging issues, which didn't cause TheSubpixel any trouble at all. RickyMan48 ended up getting 2 game overs which completely ruined his chances and hopes of winning the match. TheSubpixel was done with the speedrun in less than 20 minutes, while RickyMan48 at that point was only somewhere halfway in the speedrun. TheSubpixel won by a lot and sent RickyMan48 out of the tournament. RickyMan48 refused immediately after TheSubpixel announced his victory, that he wouldn't be finishing the speedrun.

Heydavid17 vs. ThePlatformKingEdit

Due to big delays with the match, the hosts came up with 2 options, for both players to do their match. The delay was caused due to both players being busy, and because the players rarely were online at the same time on Skype. ThePlatformKing has been most busy recently, and has only been on skype at late times, which for Heydavid17 were around morning times such between around 5 AM -  7 AM (Danish time). Heydavid17 was considered the more serious and focused on the speedrun, by being online most of the time, so the 2 options were the as following:

  1. Either another player from Group G (either TheMachineKing or Michael), would replace ThePlatformKing
  2. Both players would decide a run, and record it separately

In the end both players recorded their run separatly, it all started in the very beginning of the game, which would be Gex 2, and due to a small knownledge about the game from both sides, the race would only be a race to the 2nd boss. Both players entered first "Toon TV" but got all the remotes in a different order, so they would stay about neck on neck until the end of "Toon TV" & "Gilligex Isle", with Heydavid17 being in front just by few seconds. Mistakes were made from both sides from time to time, but slowly Heydavid17 got into the lead in the first "Scream TV" level, by being in front with 1 remote. ThePlatformKing decided to enter "Frakensteinfeld" and get all the remotes there, while Heydavid17 went for only 2 remotes there, and getting the last one from "Mao Tse Tongue", which showed to be a big risk for Heydavid17 falling behind, and ThePlatformKing getting closer. Heydavid17 was still in the front when entering the boss, and had 3 hits on the boss, at the time ThePlatformKing entered the level. Due to small mistakes as well in the boss level, ThePlatformKing lost by at least 30 seconds difference giving Heydavid17 the victory.

LukeRF44 vs. ShoReWolEdit

As soon LukeRF44 returned from a short holiday trip, both competitors could finally discuss the game that would be done. The game would be Gex 2, where the goal would be a race to get both red remotes in the first Prehistorical level, known as "Pangaea 90210". Both players would start from the very beginning of the game, with no remotes at all. The speedrun was one of the thrilling ones, by having both players neck on neck with each other all the way until the Prehistorical level, ShoReWol being a few seconds in front most of the time, the speedrun was intense all the way until the 2nd boss. When enterting "Pangaea 90210" both players began to become more frustrated since both players would end up dying multiple times in the level, meaning that they were switching between the lead on many occasions. LukeRF44 would end up collecting the first remote in the level, and ShoReWol fell behind, due to some deaths close to the remote. Not only ShoReWol was unlucky, when the table turned, when LukeRF44 was going for his second remote, which he ended up dying on as well, giving ShoReWol a slim chance of getting back. ShoReWol managed to get the remote before LukeRF44, and wins the match. LukeRF44 did announce that he would finish the speedrun, but due to the fact that he kept dying, he decided to give up on finishing the speedrun.

Nintendogen64 vs. MuddyMaestroEdit

This match would be the 3rd time that Nintendogen64 faces MuddyMaestro in a tournament, both previous matches being won by MuddyMaestro. The race was in Gex 3 a goal to get 40 paws, with a sidenote on the counter restarts when you reach 25, so by reaching 15 the second time it would mean you would have a total of 40 paws. The match started of from the very beginning of the game and each competitor had his own route, meaning it was hard to tell who'd win, even though Nintendogen64 had the upper hand at the start. For most of the match both competitors seemed equal, but MuddyMaestro would eventually take the lead. MuddyMaestro finished first, but due to Nintendogen64 experiencing problems with loading times, and the rules of a tie, he was granted extra time. Despite this, Nintendogen64 finished the speedrun a whole 95 seconds after MuddyMaestro

CrystalFissure vs. ZaydskateEdit

Two of the finalists from IAS7 were set to face each other in this Round, CrystalFissure having won the previous tournament, and Zaydskate being the runner-up led to an exciting speedrun. The race was in Gex 2, with the goal of getting 1 red remote from each of the levels in the third section of the game. The speedrun started off from the very beginning of the game with neither player possessing a remote. In order to progress, a specific amount of remotes were needed, as well as beating both the first and second boss. Even though it was a race between the top 2 people from the last tournament, it was a very clear victory for CrystalFissure who finished the speedrun in 23 minutes, Zaydskate still announced during the speedrun that he would finish. Zaydskate was facing the second boss by the time CrystalFissure finished the run but it still took additional 15 minutes for Zaydskate to finish the speedrun, resulting in Zaydskate finishing the speedrun after around 38 minutes.

Round 3 & Shaggin' WagonEdit

The people who qualified for Round 3 are the 8 people who wins their Round 2 matches, which was the total of 16 people.

In this Round, people who has already faced each other in the Group stage, can once again face each other as well in Round 3, unlike Round 2, people who losses will qualify to the "Shaggin' Wagon" Round.

Qualified PeopleEdit

  1. CrashBandiSpyro12
  2. Ratchet5
  3. TheAFH013
  4. TheSubpixel
  5. Heydavid17
  6. ShoReWol
  7. MuddyMaestro
  8. CrystalFissure


Player 1 vs. Player 2
Ratchet5 Video MuddyMaestro
CrashBandiSpyro12 Video TheAFH013
ShoReWol Video Heydavid17
TheSubpixel Video CrystalFissure

Round 3 matches will all as well be like the Round 2 matches, where 2 Round 2 winners will face each other. The winner will qualify directly to the grand final, while the loser will not be eliminated, as in Round 2, but instead qualify to the "Shaggin' Wagon Round"

Ratchet5 vs. MuddyMaestroEdit

FIRST RUN: This would be the last Round 3 match to get uploaded. The match was a race in Gex 2 to get 21 remotes and as well beat the 3rd boss. The match started from the very beginning of the game, with both players having no remotes at all. Both players had a similar route at the beginning by entering first the "Toon TV" level, then afterwards the "Scream TV" level and the first boss, in the first isle, which gave Ratchet5 the lead by around a minute, being first to complete the first area. Both players would still have the same route as well, half way in the second area, by entering and getting all remotes in the second "Scream TV" level and the same remote as well in the level "". Afterwards their route would split, and it would be a little harder to tell who would be in front, even though Ratchet5 still gained the lead, by a small amount of time. After 50 minutes of speedrunning, both players still nedded 1 more remote and to beat the boss to complete the speedrun, so they would be neck on neck. Ratchet5 got the 21st remote first, but MuddyMaestro was still behind by a small amount of seconds, which were about 30 seconds. Both players entered Gexzilla at exactly the same time, so it would be hard to tell who would win, even though Ratchet5 was in the lead for the entire speedrun, until this point. However, MuddyMaestro finished the speedrun first, but around 22 seconds later, Ratchet5 finished as well, and it was claimed a tie, so a second run was expected to be done soon as well.

SECOND RUN: Ratchet5 beat MuddyMaestro by about 5 minutes but the speedrun was never uploaded to the channel or counted. This was due the hosts "Nintendogen64" & "CrystalFissure", claiming the first speedrun was actually a victory for MuddyMaestro, despite the draw times being unchanged since Im A Speedrunner 7 (26 seconds for Round 3). More difficulties came when MuddyMaestro announced he would have to leave the tournament.

CrashBandiSpyro12 vs. TheAFH013Edit

The match was eventually done, even though being delayed by about 1 week. The speedrun would be a race in Gex 3 to get 12 remotes first, in whatever levels it might be. The speedrun would last at least 1 hour, due to both players saying, that none of them practiced at all, before the speedrun. Both players would start from the very start of the game with no collected items. Both players went first into "Holiday Boardcasting" to get all 3 remotes from there, and did as well get some remotes from "Mystery TV" and the one remote from doing the tutorial. When enterting "Lake Flaccid" both players began to lose focus and get confused, not having any clue on where to go, and what remotes to collect, which meant that a speedrun that could last for at least 30 minutes, took more than an hour to finish. In the end CrashBandiSpyro12 got his last remote in the Army level, and could claim the victory. TheAFH013 said he would finish the speedrun, but it seems that the video ended before TheAFH013 could finish.

ShoReWol vs. Heydavid17Edit

The race would be in Gex 3 a race to the Western level, to get all the 3 challenge remotes from the level, which is achieved by getting to the poop mountain, collecting the 5 cards & climbing the mountain. Both players were starting off from the very beginning of the game, and had each their way to Western Level. Both players entered first the Holiday level, to get all the 3 possible remotes from the level as their first goal, though they didn't collect the remotes in the same order. After the Holiday level, the path changed and both players went their own way to get to the Western Level, which requires at least 9 remotes to be activated. Heydavid17 entered first "Western Station" with only some few seconds in front of ShoReWol, so there would be no room for failing from both sides. Both players would end up saving the mountain challenge as the last one, Heydavid17 was halfway with the challenge when ShoReWol re-entered the level to get it. Heydavid17 won the speedrun with ShoWeRol close behind. ShoReWol expected to finish the speedrun, being so close, but due to a fail at the end, by falling down with the donkey, he decided to stop recording.

TheSubpixel vs. CrystalFissureEdit

This video would be the first Round 3 video to be uploaded to the channel. The speedrun would be a golden ticket to the final for the winner and a ticket to the "Shaggin' Wagon" Round for the loser, which still will give the loser a chance to qualify for the final. Once again the speedrun would be a Gex 2 speedrun. The goal of the speedrun would be to get to the 4th area getting 1 red remote and 1 silver remote from all the levels in Area 4, while in the way up to Area 4, the players would have to as well collect all the hidden remotes at the same time, in the levels the players enter. Due to both players having a different route, it was not to tell who would be in the lead for the most of the time, up to the 4th area. The speedrun also had some technical difficulties, including having TheSubpixel's controller disconnecting, so a small break would appear in the speedrun as well. However, TheSubpixel did get to the second boss first and clearly had a lead at that point, since he was going to the 3rd area, after beating Mooshoo Pork. CrystalFissure was still at this point still close, since he entered the 2nd boss, after TheSubpixel finished. However, that being close, CrystalFissure did not get any closer, and after 44 minutes TheSubpixel won the speedrun, CrystalFissure did not wish to finish the speedrun.

Shaggin' WagonEdit

All the Round 3 losers had been placed here where the winner was selected for the grand final. ShoReWol had to leave in the middle of the speedrun and so it was paused and restarted at a later time. Crystalfissure won by 20 seconds, but it was not declared a draw despite the unchanged 26 second draw time as CrystalFissure and TheAFH013 agreed in the speedrun the draw time would be 10 seconds (Nearing the end of the speedrun when CrystalFissure was ahead). MuddyMaestro and ShoReWol were both unhappy with the result as they did not agree on this draw time but Crystalfissure moved onto the grand final.

  1. MuddyMaestro
  2. TheAFH013
  3. ShoReWol
  4. CrystalFissure
Shaggin' Wagon Round
1st CrystalFissure
2nd MuddyMaestro
3rd ShoReWol
4th TheAFH013

Round 3.5Edit

Initially Ratchet5 was set to go onto the grand final as despite Ratchet5 being declared the loser of his first match, MuddyMaestro was more than happy to let Ratchet5 through to the grand final, saying that the second race's 5 minute win was deserving of the place in the final. Ratchet5 offered to do a 3rd deciding match with MuddyMaestro but as MuddyMaestro was tired at the time, he said he didn't want to. MuddyMaestro also announced that he had to leave for a while to get a wisdom teeth operation and would have to drop out anyway. CrystalFissure initially agreed that if MuddyMaestro thought that Ratchet5 should go through, Ratchet5 should be allowed into the grand final. CrystalFissure suggested that Ratchet5 should race Nintendogen64, as he had lost to MuddyMaestro in Round 2, but after a long discussion with both MuddyMaestro and Ratchet5, he agreed to just let Ratchet5 though.

After a few days CrystalFissure's opinion again changed and revealed he was not happy with letting Ratchet5 through as his opinion was that Ratchet5 needed to win another match.

Ratchet5 was also not allowed to compete in the Round 3 Shaggin' Wagon as the race had already taken place. After Ratchet5 called fowl on this, a second Shaggin' Wagon was to be set up which would include the losers from the original Shaggin' Wagon. Nintendogen64 was again allowed into this shaggin wagon.

The winner of this race was to then face off against Ratchet5 to determine who would be the 5th and final member of the Grand Final.

Second Shaggin' Wagon Round
1st Nintendogen64
2nd ShoReWol
3rd TheAFH013

Player 1 vs. Player 2
Nintendogen64 Bye Ratchet5

Nintendogen64 had won the match and then had to face Ratchet5 for the last spot in the final. Ratchet5 was unhappy with the decision to allow Nintendogen64 back into the tournament and decided that he no longer wanted any part in the competition. With no other competitors to face, it was deemed that Nintendogen64 was now in the Grand Final. It is uncertain why Nintendogen64 was given a bye when Ratchet5 was not given one. Going by the same rules that allowed Nintendogen64 to return, DigitalMasterpieces should have raced him; as he was who Ratchet5 defeated in Round 2.

Ratchet5: My new competitor is Angus?
CrystalFissure: Yes
Ratchet5: Ok, I quit
Ratchet5: Officially
CrystalFissure: Alright, that's it
CrystalFissure: It's a shameful day
CrystalFissure: Through Andrew of House Conley, I sentence you to relinquishment of your grand final participancy.
CrystalFissure: Signed:
Ratchet5: 'Ok, I quit, 'Officially

See IAS 8 Controversy for a more in-depth account of the events both in IAS 8 and beyond.

Round 4 (Grand Final)Edit

The Grand Final of the Gex tournament was be a race between 5 people, the final game was Gex 2


  1. Nintendogen64
  2. CrashBandiSpyro12
  3. Heydavid17
  4. TheSubpixel
  5. CrystalFissure

Road To The FinalsEdit

Australia Nintendogen64Edit

Rank User Wins Losses Points
#1 Nintendogen64 3 0 15
#2 Zaydskate 2 1 12
#3 TheStickKid 1 2 9
#4 Slodgeball 0 3 6
Game Opponent Goal (Stage)Result
Gex 2 AU Slodgeball 2 Gold Remotes (Group D) Win
Gex 2 AU TheStickKid 100% the First Area (Group D) Win
Gex 2 UK Zaydskate 1 Red Remote from each level in the Second Area (Group D) Win
Gex 3 CA MuddyMaestro 40 Paws (Round 2) Lose
Gex 2 LV ShoReWol
IE TheAFH013      
100% Frankensteinfeld and Mao Tse Tongue (Round 3.5) Win

Israel CrashBandiSpyro12Edit

Rank User Wins Losses Points
#1 CrystalFissure 2 1 12
#2 CrashBandiSpyro12 2 1 12
#3 MrEddy1667ful 2 1 12
#4 MowMowClub2 0 3 6
Game Opponent Goal (Stage)Result
Gex 3 AU CrystalFissure First Level 100% (Group H) Win
Gex 1 US MowMowClub2 First 3 Levels (Group H) Win
Gex 2 IE MrEddy1667ful First Level 100% (Group H) Lose
Gex 2 AU CrystalFissure
IE MrEddy1667ful
All Red Remotes In Area 2 (Triple Match) 2nd
Gex 3(GBA) UK KingEurope1 1 Remote (Round 2) Win
Gex 3 IE TheAFH013 12 Remotes (Round 3) Win

24 Heydavid17Edit

Rank User Wins Losses Points
#1 Heydavid17 3 0 15
#2 TheAFH013 2 1 12
#3 Oryps100 1 2 9
#4 theDANISHdynamite 0 3 6
Game Opponent Goal (Stage)Result
Gex 1 DK theDANISHdynamite First Boss (Group B) Win
Gex 3 UK Oryps100 First level(3 remotes)+Bonus Level (Group B) Win
Gex 1 IE TheAFH013 First Boss(with 25000 points) (Group B) Win
Gex 2 US ThePlatformKing Second Boss (Round 2) Win
Gex 3 LV ShoReWol 3 Remotes In "Western Station" (Round 3) Win

United Kingdom TheSubpixelEdit

Rank User Wins Losses Points
#1 TheSubpixel 3 0 15
#2 ShoReWol 2 1 12
#3 Yogamoanyo 1 2 9
#4 Bionicle2809 0 3 6
Game Opponent Goal (Stage)Result
Gex 2 UK Bionicle2809 Final Boss(Single Level) (Group A) Win
Gex 2 LV ShoReWol 6 Red Remotes (Group A) Win
Gex 2 US Yogamoanyo 2 Red & 1 Silver In
Mao Tse Tongue(Single Level)
(Group A) Win
Gex 2 US RickyMan48 All Red & Hidden Remotes
+ Second Boss(Single Area)
(Round 2) Win
Gex 2 AU CrystalFissure Reach Area 4, With All Hidden Remotes
In The Entered Levels +
1 Red From Each Area 4 Level
(Round 3) Win

Australia CrystalFissureEdit

Rank User Wins Losses Points
#1 CrystalFissure 2 1 12
#2 CrashBandiSpyro12 2 1 12
#3 MrEddy1667ful 2 1 12
#4 MowMowClub2 0 3 6
Game Opponent Goal (Stage)Result
Gex 3 IL CrashBandiSpyro12 100% the First Level (Group H) Lose
Gex 2 IE MrEddy1667ful Beat Aztek 2 Step
with 4 Red Remotes
(Group H) Win
Gex 2 US MowMowClub2 6 Red Remotes (Group H) Win
Gex 2 IL CrashBandiSpyro12
IE MrEddy1667ful
All Remotes in 2nd Area (Triple Threat) 1st
Gex 2 UK Zaydskate 1 Red Remote from
each level in the third area
(Round 2) Win
Gex 2 UK TheSubpixel Reach Area 4, With All Hidden Remotes
In The Entered Levels +
1 Red From Each Area 4 Level
(Round 3) Lose
Gex 2 CA  MuddyMaestro
LV ShoReWol
IE TheAFH013
100% the first 2 levels and
get 2 Red Remotes in Fine Tooning
(SW) Win

Grand Final
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
1st CrystalFissure
2nd TheSubpixel
3rd Heydavid17
4th Nintendogen64
5th CrashBandiSpyro12

Events in the Grand FinalEdit

CrystalFissure won the IAS8 Grand Final, which was a race to beat the final boss, Rez.

See more at the IAS8 Grand Final page.

The Grand Final was very long-winded and full of many failures from all competitors. HeyDavid17 was given a 15-minute penalty for giving in his speedrun footage 5 weeks late. HeyDavid17 accepted this penalty, with the reason given to him that he could have spent time practicing during that time. CrystalFissure also only finished 40 seconds before TheSubPixel, the closest Im A Speedrunner grandfinal in history.

A video by dessertmonkeyjk was made of giving out medals (in the form of remotes aka Gex 2) for the winners of IAS 8 as well as select highlight of matches up to Round 3.