Another parody song was done by Nintendogen64 at the end of I'm A Speedrunner 3 simply known as "I'm A Speedrunner 3 Summary Song" based on Fireflies by Owl City.

This rendition has received negative critiques due to said singer being hard to understand at times and not being able to stay on key. This was possibly caused by the fact Nintendogen64 was singing a different version of the song he was parodying leading to the lyrics being desynced. This doesn't really explain his inability to hold a note, however.


I could not believe my eyes
When TheAFH beat Ratchet5
In Spyro 2 Race to 12 Orbs

NGF defeated Stijn
CrystalFissure missed a plane
LBPNews1 is really just a pain

I'd like to make myself believe
That Bandi lost because glitch
It's hard to say that Saggers really isn't a whining bitch
Mallqui really doesn't like to chitch

Was Owen's vid on drugs
And was A Hero's Tail full of bugs
As they tried to speedrun Spyro games

Dessertmonkey lost his match
DrShemp won by just a scratch
Lapogne is quite difficult to dispatch-atch-atch-atch

I think now is time to cheer
Because John defeated Luke
MachineKing's cheating really makes me want to puke
Dusan got past Round 1 by a fluke

MeckleMisuer used speedhacks
"Please give me a rematch now"
Rabid was pissed when he lost to Max
"Please give me a rematch now"
Why do I tire of flaming sheep
"Please give me a rematch now"
When I keep on dying in Lost Fleet

To AuronSuper95,
You're weird cause you love retries
And no you can't get into Toasty

No-one knows when deadlines are.
Excuses get real bizarre
Well I saved a few and I keep them for IAS 4

I think that now it's time to scream
'Cause FraserFilms is creepy
Finlandboy is awesome, I think we all can agree
What does it mean to be grubby?

I'd like to make myself believe
That Christian could beat Stone Hill
It's hard to say whether Al will be back again
Cause Matt and Bandi drive him 'round the bend

I'd like to make myself believe
That SpyroJam runs slowly
It's hard to say that Ratchet will ever win IAS
But in the end it's Matt who wins