The International Spyro Grand Prix was a tournament hosted by IAS8 hosts CrystalFissure and Nintendogen64. The tournament is a spinoff from all of the former tournaments, with larger groups and with a cutoff of 30 people, intended to include more diligent runners.

Current Progress

▼ The tournament was officially announced on April 1, 2018 by CrystalFissure and Nintendogen64.

► The 30 competitors were drawn into 3 groups of 10.

▼ Round 1 began on April 15, 2018 and ended at 00:00 AEST on June 11, 2018. Submitted matches before the deadline may be uploaded late.

► 118 of the 135 matches have been uploaded.

▼ Round 2 begun on June 13, 2018 and is currently underway

► 8 out of 8 matches have been uploaded

▼ Round 2 concluded on July 21, 2018 with the four grand finalists being determined.

Special Rules

Round Robin Groups of 10

In a significant departure from the IAS and R.I.P series of tournaments, the ISGP will consist of three (3) groups each featuring ten (10) competitors. The tournament format was inspired by New Japan Pro Wrestling's annual round robin tournament, the G1 Climax. The 10 person group ensures that every competitor will be required to play every other competitor in their group once. This reduces the element of luck as progressing to the next round is still possible even if a competitor loses one or two matches in their group.


In Round 1, the points allocation is as follows:

Win 1
Loss 0

Draws were originally in place with similar draw times to previous tournaments, but after a large outcry by the runners, they were abolished.

Tournament Progression

Unlike previous tournaments, the ISGP will consist of two preliminary rounds and a Grand Final. Round 1 will feature three (3) groups of ten (10). Each competitor will face every competitor in their particular group, receiving one (1) point for a win and zero (0) points for a loss. After all matches in Round 1 are completed, the top 2 competitors from each group will move on to the Semi-Finals. Competitor placement will be determined based on points received during Round 1. In the event that 2 competitors finished with the same points, a determination on who will progress to the Semi-Finals will be made based on which competitors each player won and lost against. For example, player's A and B are finished on the same amount of points and player C finished third in the group. If player A lost to player C yet player B defeated player C, then player B would progress to the Semi-Finals and player A would be eliminated.

The Semi-Finals will feature six (6) competitors, 2 from each group. The top ranked competitors from each group will playoff against a second place competitor from one of the other groups. This will reduce the field down to 3 players.

Originally, the Grand Final will be a traditional triple threat match with the winners of the semi finals, until a few weeks into the tournament when the competitors and others advocated for extra people from Round 1 to go through.


During the tournament, some were bouncing about an idea to the host about allowing four competitors go through to the Semi-Finals instead of the initially stated two. Angus publicly were adamant to the idea and wish to stand firm about how the tournament progression established was not to be changed. It was announced however that a separate losers bracket would be held for 3rd and 4th place of each group who will compete for the new title of the Crassic Speedruning Champion. This bracket is to be run separately from the main bracket for the 1st and 2nd place of each group.

Another week or two later, Ratchet5 advocated for a way to connect the Crassic Speedrunning League (referred to as "Morgan Avery Appreciation League" by Al) to the mainline 'winners' league. The losers of the semi-finals will be put into a 3 way match, as well as the winner of the 'Crassic Speedrunning League', to have a 4 way 'second chance' match, where the winner will also be entered into the Grand Final. This idea was accepted by the hosts.

Whoever wins this 4 way final will be declared the World Speedrunning Champion.

Accepted Games

Despite the ISGP being a Spyro the Dragon tournament, exceptions have been made for the specific games that are allowed to be run. These games are as follows:

  • Spyro the Dragon [NTSC-U/PAL]
  • Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage/Gateway to Glimmer [NTSC-U/PAL]
  • Spyro: Year of the Dragon [NTSC-U/PAL]
  • Spyro the Dragon [NTSC-J]
  • Spyro x Sparx: Tondemo Tours [NTSC-J]

After Ratchet5 and KingEurope1's race in the Crash Bash demo in Spyro 3, demos inside Spyro games are banned to be raced. You may however, race demos of these Spyro games listed on other sources.

Participating Players

Player Tournament Appearance Last Appearance Previous Best Performance Consecutive Streak
UK Alice Clarke 1st Début N/A 1
LV Baronzef 6th RIP: Resurrected Semi-Finals 2
US Caitelady 1st Début N/A 1
CA ChrisLBC 1st Début N/A 1
AU CrystalFissure 11th RIP: Resurrected 1st Place 3
US DessertMonkeyJK 10th IAS 10 Quarter-Finals 1
AU DinoPony 1st Début N/A 1
AU Fromond 11th IAS Invitational Round 2 1
US g4video5 2nd RIP: Resurrected Group Stage 2
UK HDaleZ 1st Début N/A 1
UK James Jones 4th IAS? Nein! Group Stage 1
UK KingEurope1 14th RIP: Resurrected Semi-Finals 14
US KnightNC 1st Début N/A 1
AU liam desu 6th RIP: Resurrected Quarter-Finals 2
UK LukeRF44 10th RIP: Resurrected 1st Place 2
UK LyleBandicoot93 5th IAS 9 Knockout Stage 1
US Mowmowclub2 7th IAS? Nein! Quarter-Finals 1
CA MuddyMaestro 8th IAS Invitational 2nd Place 1
UK Newantox 1st Début N/A 1
AU Nintendogen64 11th RIP: Resurrected 1st Place 3
US Noel McDavid 1st Début N/A 1
UK* Ratchet5 14th RIP: Resurrected 2nd Place 14
IE TheAFH013 8th RIP: Resurrected 2nd Place 3
US TOTOzigemm 1st Début N/A 1
AU Trob 2nd RIP: Resurrected 1st Place 2
AU Wiznendo 1st Début N/A 1
US X-Cal 1st Début N/A 1
AU Xindictive 9th RIP: Resurrected 1st Place 7
US xxashleyx39 1st Début N/A 1
UK Yeswally1 2nd RIP: Resurrected Round 2 2

*Ratchet5 is an Australian speedrunner competing under the flag of the United Kingdom.

Round 1


Qualifies for Semi-Finals
Qualifies for Crassic Speedrunning Championship League
Knocked out

Group A

Player Wins Defeats Points
Caitelady 9 0 9
ChrisLBC 7 1 7
Ratchet5 6 3 6
Xindictive 5 4 6
liam desu 3 4 3
Wiznendo 3 5 3
KingEurope1 2 3 2
Fromond 0 6 1
LyleBandicoot93 0 7 1
Trob (Disqualified**) 4 5 0
mcjaga (Kicked Out*) 0 0 0

*mcjaga has stopped responding to the hosts, and has been kicked out of the tournament. He has been replaced by LyleBandicoot93.

**Trob has been disqualified after he dropped out without announcing so until close to the deadline. He has forfeited all of his points and remaining matches.

Player 1 Versus Player 2
Xindictive Void Rematch Fromond
KingEurope1 Walkover Trob
liam desu Video Ratchet5
LyleBandicoot93 Video Wiznendo
ChrisLBC Video Caitelady
Xindictive Video KingEurope1
liam desu Not done Fromond
LyleBandicoot93 Video Trob
ChrisLBC Video Ratchet5
Wiznendo Video Caitelady
Xindictive Video liam desu
KingEurope1 Not done LyleBandicoot93
ChrisLBC Video Fromond
Trob Video Caitelady
Ratchet5 Video Wiznendo
Xindictive Video LyleBandicoot93
liam desu Video ChrisLBC
Caitelady Video KingEurope1
Fromond No video Wiznendo
Trob Video Ratchet5
Xindictive Video ChrisLBC
Caitelady Video LyleBandicoot93
Wiznendo Video liam desu
Ratchet5 Video KingEurope1
Fromond Video Trob
Caitelady Video Xindictive
ChrisLBC Video Wiznendo
LyleBandicoot93 Video Ratchet5
liam desu Walkover Trob
KingEurope1 Video Fromond
Wiznendo Video Xindictive
Ratchet5 Video Caitelady
ChrisLBC Video Trob
LyleBandicoot93 Not done Fromond
KingEurope1 Not done liam desu
Ratchet5 Video Xindictive
Trob Walkover Wiznendo
Fromond Video Caitelady
KingEurope1 No video ChrisLBC
liam desu Video LyleBandicoot93
Trob Video Xindictive
Fromond Video Ratchet5
Wiznendo Video KingEurope1
Caitelady Video liam desu
LyleBandicoot93 Video ChrisLBC
Matches Uploaded: 35/45
Group ACaiteladyChrisLBCRatchet5Xindictiveliam desuFromondKingEurope1WiznendoLyleBandicoot93Trob
Caitelady N/A W W W W W W W W W
liam desu LLLLN/AN/AN/AWWW
LyleBandicoot93 LLLLLN/AN/ALN/AL

Group B

Player Wins Defeats Points
Newantox 8 1 8
LukeRF44 7 2 7
Nintendogen64 7 2 7
g4video5 6 3 6
MuddyMaestro 5 3 5
KnightNC 4 4 4
DessertMonkeyJK 3 6 3
X-Cal 2 7 2
James Jones 1 6 1
DinoPony (Disqualified***) 0 9 0
Avado (Kicked Out*) 0 0 0
Wedc517 (Dropped Out**) 0 0 0

*Avado has stopped responding to the hosts, and has been kicked out of the tournament. He has been replaced by DessertMonkeyJK.

**Wedc517 has dropped out of the tournament due to having a busy schedule and potentially not being able to do all of his matches. He has been replaced by Newantox.

***DinoPony has been disqualified due to inactivity. He has forfeited all of his remaining matches as a result.

Player 1 Versus Player 2
g4video5 Video LukeRF44
MuddyMaestro Video DessertMonkeyJK
James Jones Video Nintendogen64
KnightNC Video X-Cal
Newantox Video DinoPony
g4video5 Video MuddyMaestro
James Jones Video LukeRF44
KnightNC Video DessertMonkeyJK
Newantox Video Nintendogen64
X-Cal Walkover DinoPony
g4video5 Video James Jones
MuddyMaestro Video KnightNC
Newantox Video LukeRF44
DessertMonkeyJK Walkover DinoPony
Nintendogen64 Video X-Cal
g4video5 Video KnightNC
James Jones Video Newantox
DinoPony Video MuddyMaestro
LukeRF44 Video X-Cal
DessertMonkeyJK Video Nintendogen64
g4video5 Video Newantox
DinoPony Walkover KnightNC
X-Cal Video James Jones
Nintendogen64 Video MuddyMaestro
LukeRF44 Video DessertMonkeyJK
DinoPony Video g4video5
Newantox Video X-Cal
KnightNC Video Nintendogen64
James Jones Video DessertMonkeyJK
MuddyMaestro Video LukeRF44
X-Cal Video g4video5
Nintendogen64 Video DinoPony
Newantox Video DessertMonkeyJK
KnightNC Video LukeRF44
MuddyMaestro Not done James Jones
Nintendogen64 Video g4video5
DessertMonkeyJK Video X-Cal
LukeRF44 Walkover DinoPony
MuddyMaestro Video Newantox
James Jones Not done KnightNC
DessertMonkeyJK Video g4video5
LukeRF44 Video Nintendogen64
X-Cal Video MuddyMaestro
DinoPony Walkover James Jones
KnightNC Video Newantox
Matches Uploaded: 38/45
Group BLukeRF44Nintendogen64DinoPonyMuddyMaestrog4video5James JonesDessertMonkeyJKNewantoxKnightNCX-Cal
LukeRF44 N/A W W L L W W W W W
Nintendogen64 LN/AWWWWWLWW

Group C

Player Wins Defeats Points
TOTOzigemm 9 0 9
Yeswally1 8 1 8
Baronzef 7 2 7
TheAFH013 6 3 6
CrystalFissure 4 5 4
xxashleyx39 4 5 4
Noel McDavid 3 6 3
Alice Clarke 2 7 2
Mowmowclub2 1 8 1
HDaleZ 1 8 1
Player 1 Versus Player 2
Baronzef Video Alice Clarke
TheAFH013 Video Yeswally1
xxashleyx39 Video Noel McDavid
TOTOzigemm Video CrystalFissure
Mowmowclub2 Video HDaleZ
Baronzef Video TheAFH013
xxashleyx39 Video Alice Clarke
TOTOzigemm Video Yeswally1
Mowmowclub2 Video Noel McDavid
CrystalFissure Video HDaleZ
Baronzef Video xxashleyx39
TheAFH013 Video TOTOzigemm
Mowmowclub2 Video Alice Clarke
Yeswally1 Video HDaleZ
CrystalFissure Draw Rematch Noel McDavid
Baronzef Video TOTOzigemm
xxashleyx39 Video Mowmowclub2
HDaleZ Video TheAFH013
Alice Clarke Void Rematch CrystalFissure
Yeswally1 Void Rematch Noel McDavid
Baronzef Video Mowmowclub2
HDaleZ Video TOTOzigemm
CrystalFissure Video xxashleyx39
Noel McDavid Video TheAFH013
Alice Clarke Video Yeswally1
HDaleZ Video Baronzef
Mowmowclub2 Video CrystalFissure
TOTOzigemm Video Noel McDavid
xxashleyx39 Video Yeswally1
TheAFH013 Video Alice Clarke
CrystalFissure Video Baronzef
Noel McDavid Video HDaleZ
Mowmowclub2 Video Yeswally1
TOTOzigemm Video Alice Clarke
TheAFH013 Video xxashleyx39
Noel McDavid Video Baronzef
Yeswally1 Video CrystalFissure
Alice Clarke Video HDaleZ
TheAFH013 Video Mowmowclub2
xxashleyx39 Video TOTOzigemm
Yeswally1 Video Baronzef
Alice Clarke Video Noel McDavid
CrystalFissure Video TheAFH013
HDaleZ Video xxashleyx39
TOTOzigemm Video Mowmowclub2
Matches Uploaded: 45/45
Group CCrystalFissureBaronzefTheAFH013Yeswally1Mowmowclub2Noel McDavidAlice ClarkeHDaleZxxashleyx39TOTOzigemm
CrystalFissure N/A L L L W D W V L W W L
Mowmowclub2 LLLLN/ALLWLL
xxashleyx39 LLLLWWWWN/AL

Round 2

Main Bracket

Groups Winners Runners-up
A Caitelady ChrisLBC
B Newantox LukeRF44
C TOTOzigemm Yeswally1
Player 1 Versus Player 2
Caitelady Video LukeRF44
Newantox Video Yeswally1
TOTOzigemm Video ChrisLBC
Matches Uploaded: 3/3

Crassic Speedrunning Championship League

Groups 3rd 4th
A Ratchet5 Xindictive
B Nintendogen64 g4video5
C Baronzef TheAFH013
Player 1 Versus Player 2
Ratchet5 Video g4video5
Nintendogen64 Video TheAFH013
Baronzef Video Xindictive
Matches Uploaded: 3/3
Crassic Championship Match
g4video5 1st
Baronzef 2nd
Nintendogen64 3rd

Second-Chance Four-Way Match

Second-Chance Four-Way Match
TOTOzigemm 1st
Newantox 2nd
LukeRF44 3rd
g4video5 4th

Grand Final

Grand Final
Yeswally1 Gold
ChrisLBC Silver
TOTOzigemm Bronze
Caitelady 4th