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Rematches are very commonplace in tournaments and occur when 2 or more players either decide voluntarily or are forced into re-doing their original match.

Voluntary RematchesEdit

After a match, if the winner of a race is unhappy with the match, they can offer their opponent a rematch. The winner of the match can dictate any rules they like about the terms of what the rematch would be.

The original match does not have to be uploaded, however at least one video of the declared winner beating the final goal must be uploaded in order for them to progress to the next Round.  If it this occurs in Round 1 (Group Stage) then no video is required to be uploaded.

Forced RematchesEdit

If a match has been declared a Draw, there are 3 options:

  • If the match is in Round 1 and is not a Triple Threat Match, both players can choose to accept 3 points each.
  • One competitor declares themselves the loser (A voluntary rematch can be done afterwards if desired).
  • The original match is declared void and a forced rematch occurs.

A forced rematch means that the original match becomes Void and the 2 or more players undergo the match selection process again. In a Triple Threat Match, if 2 opponents draw and one person is the clear winner/loser, that clear winner/loser does not participate in the rematch and their status is resolved.

Best of Three SeriesEdit

A best of three series is a very rare match type that can occur under the event of a rematch. In the series, competitors will face off in a series of matches and if any one competitor wins two of the matches in a three match series then they will be declared the winner overall. 

In order for a best of three series to be warranted, a match between two competitors must be close enough to be not declared a draw or if a competitor wins the match under dubious circumstances. Next, the victor of the match can determine if he/she wants to do a rematch; if not, then it's not necessarily required but out of sportsmanship it is recommended. In the rematch, if the original victor wins, then the series does not continue and they are therefore declared the overall winner but if the original loser wins, then the series will go to a third match to decide which competitor is to be declared the winner. 

A best of three series may be entered into intentionally from the outset but this does not fall under the rules for a draw.

An example of a best of three series can be found in I'm A Speedrunner 7, where CrystalFissure defeated Nintendogen64 in the first race, however in their rematch Nintendogen64 also claimed a win. This lead to the third and final race which would determine the true victor.