Every Cake You Bake was a parody song done by Ratchet5 based on the song Every Breath You Take by The Police. The song was mainly a mockery of overweight people possibly focusing on VideoGameRules645.


This a song that goes out to all those ladies out there,
who just want something to eat.

All the dishes you make
Every pie you bake
All the beef you eat, every slice of cake,
I'll be wanting food

Every single day and every KKK
Every plate you take, all the scales I break,
I'll be wanting food

Oh can't you see indeed KFC,
how my poor stomach aches when I can't get some steak

Every move you make, every roasted steak.
Every bite you chew, all that stew he ate,
I'll be wanting food.

Since I've lived I've always loved the taste of your stew I could never waste.
I feel so cold hunger I can't replace.
I dream at night this burger I will embrace.
Oh can't you see I need a big mac and cheese.

Oooo baby, ooo baby, get in my belly, belly,
get in there, get in there baby.

Why can't I walk
Give me a knife and fork
Every single day I want some special K
Every thick milkshake and every piece of cake.
All the time I'm awake for goodness sake I'll be wanting food

Every single sardine, give me those bake beans.
I'll be wanting food, I'm gonna count to ten, bring me some chicken, every waking hour,
I don't care if it's sour, if it's healthy or not just make it a lot.
I'll be wanting food, all the chips you eat, every piece of meat, I just want a treat something that tastes sweet,
I'll eat heaps of lamb, how about some ham, j fam fam fam, hand me a tin can,
some confectionary, some nice dairy, pass me a cherry I don't care if it's hairy,
give me some noodles, I'll eat those pills, let's eat some eels, just skin those seals,
I'm wrestling, I want catering.
Every single thing is good eating.

I'll be wanting food

I'll be wanting foood