A Triple Threat Match is a unique speedrunning match type that arises under certain circumstances where a one-on-one match will not suffice due to a tie in ranking. This has been around since I'm A Speedrunner's inception and has been in nearly every tournament with little to no change in how it's conducted. 

As has become a staple of I'm A Speedrunner tournaments, most matches are one-on-one; however, in some certain cases matches between three competitors will be required. The origin of these three-way matches can be traced back to the very first I'm A Speedrunner tournament

IAS 1 marked the first time Triple Threat Matches would be seen, however they were not named as such. These Triple Threat Matches worked differently to subsequent ones as they were pre-planned before the tournament began. In other words, the tournament was always going to have them and as such they didn't come about because of unlikely circumstances.

Forcing a Triple Threat MatchEdit

The most common way for a Triple Threat Match to occur is if three competitors in a Group in Round 1 of a tournament all have equal points. This can come about by three members all having two wins and one loss and the fourth member just having three losses, or the group winner having three wins and the other three members having one win and two losses. In most tournaments, the top 2 from a group will go through to Round 2 and as three competitors have equal points, a Triple Threat Match must be done in order to find out who the 1st and 2nd competitors in the group are. Essentially a match goal will be chosen and the first two to complete the goal will proceed to the next round. 

Another common method of forcing a Triple Threat Match is to have a Shaggin' Wagon match where only three out of all the potential entrants turn up. Various Shaggin' Wagons have various rules as to what position you must finish in order to proceed in the tournament. The most common situation for a Triple Threat Shaggin' Wagon is that only the winner will go through.